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What's Coming Up?

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What's TCYPAA?

The Tennessee Conference of Young People in AA (TCYPAA) is a joyful weekend of sharing experience, strength, and hope among the young and young at heart in AA. It is held annually, typically in February.

This year, TCYPAA is being hosted in the beautiful city of Nashville!

This conference is intended to spread the message of Recovery to young people in the state of Tennessee, throughout the United States, and around the World.

Recovery can be fun, it can be exciting, and it is increasingly becoming a celebrated way of life for Young People everywhere.


The conference will have exciting events, speakers, meetings, and activities for people of all ages.

Throughout the year, we'll be hosting many smaller events to celebrate Recovery, spread the message, and generally have a ton of fun leading up to the conference.

Pre-Register today to join us at TCYPAA 2023. Or join us at one of our Upcoming Events.

Come & see how great this life can be.

Get in Touch

Have a question? Big ideas for the conference? Drop it here.
Or, email us at:

(423) 963-8747

Thank you. We will contact you soon!

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